Poor ratings threaten “Life” as we know it


Life is good. In fact, it has become one of my must-see shows this season. Sure, I started watching for the same reason most of you did: Sarah Shahi.

I wasn’t entirely true to the show during Season 1 — until the writers’ strike. But once I started watching the episodes in succession online, I was hooked.

To my chagrin, however, I seem to be one of only a small number of loyal viewers. And unless more people start watching, Life is over.

Did I mention that Sarah Shahi is on this show? And that she plays a cop?

I’m not above appealing to your baser nature if it gets you to watch the show. But Life has a lot more going for it than just a hot female cop. In fact, AfterEllen.com has learned that this week, the show will have a hot guest star who happens to be one of our favorite honorary lesbians: Marvelous Maeve Quinlan.

No word yet as to exactly what Maeve’s role is, but do we care?

Honestly, though, I would watch the show even without hot women — even at 10 p.m. on a Friday night. (What? You have a social life? I have one word for you: DVR.)

Here’s the premise: Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) is a police detective who spent 12 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Even though he has been cleared and received a multimillion-dollar settlement, he rejoins the force hoping to find out who framed him. During his time in prison, Det. Crews adopted a Zen philosophy and learned prison survival skills, making him an odd match for his impatient, by-the-book partner, Dani Reese (Shahi). Reese has some reputation rebuilding of her own to do, since she has just returned from rehab for drug addiction. Oh, and Reese’s father may be one of the bad cops who set up Crews.

This may sound a little convoluted, but great writing makes it work. Crews is quirky, but not predictable. Reese is cynical, but not hard-hearted. Instead of the usual mismatched partner cop show, we get stories that are rich and resonant — and we’re never quite sure what Crews and Reese will do.

Obviously, I’m very pro-Life, and think it’s a shame that formulaic shows like CSI and Criminal Minds are getting more viewers every week, while a much better and smarter show is at risk of being canceled.

Besides, Life has Sarah Shahi and those other shows don’t.

Will you help make sure Life goes on? Tune in to NBC on Friday nights at 10pm.

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