Suze Orman is banking on the economy


Suze Orman would probably make me cry if I were in a room with her. I listen to what she has to say, but I don’t always follow her advice (I needed that sweater from Urban Outfitters, Suze. Do you want me to be freezing all fall?). I try my best, but math isn’t my thing so when she throws numbers at me like “401k” and “5%,” I get all flustered.

I really can’t ignore her any longer, though. As someone whose television is always turned to Oprah, CNN or MSNBC as of late (when Gossip Girl isn’t on, of course) I pretty much see Suze every day. This is great — lesbian visibility! Smart gay woman in a blazer! Tell us what to do with our savings, Suze! Seriously, this is Suze’s time. The economy gets wacky, people get scared, and everyone who has a television show is asking for her to get tough on the American public. (Mind you, she has her own TV show as well. She is a busy woman.)

She’s appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show again today for a show called “What Can I Afford?” (From the preview: Suze saying, “What you are doing to yourself is financial suicide!” She’s not playing around.)

Entertainment Weekly recently commented on her show, writing:

Money entertaining? Absolutely. Just as you don’t need to know how to thread a bobbin to enjoy Project Runway, you don’t have to understand squat about mutual funds to join the Cult of Suze. She’s an ideal creation for TV: an intelligent, articulate, sassy schoolmarm with impeccably frosted hair.

You’re right, I don’t understand, but I’m still watching and trying to get hip to what Suze Orman is telling me oh-so-sternly. This is why she gets paid the big bucks: to tell us what to do with ours (or lackthereof). Someday I will follow through, Suze.

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