A woman is going to win “Project Runway”


Last night, Bravo aired part one of the Project Runway season finale. The final four (Korto, Jerell, Kenley and Leanne) were working hard on their collections in their hometowns when Tim Gunn stopped by to pay them visits and, of course, offer his critiques.

Korto plays with her drum partner for Tim and her friends

This season is a little different, as the four finalists had to construct a wedding gown as part of their collection, something no one was excited about. Arriving back in New York for the final week of preparation, Tim told them they also would have to design a bridesmaid’s dress to accompany the bridal gown, and that was what they would be judged on to find out who would be Aufed and which final three would be showing at Bryant Park.

From left to right: Kenley, Leanne, Korto, Jerell

Poor Jerell, the lonely only guy was let go based on his overdone bridal gown and shoddy bridesmaid’s dress, leaving Korto, Kenley and Leanne to compete at Fashion Week for the chance to win Project Runway‘s wonderful prizes.

Leanne shows off her bridal gown

In the past four seasons, there has only been one female winner, Season 2’s Chloe Dao. Each previous finale has included at least one male (quite often two), so Season 5 is an anomaly of sorts. Korto, Kenley and Leanne all have very distinct styles that will make it difficult on the judges in next week’s conclusion.

Who will win? Will it be Leanne, Portland’s architecturally inclined designer of chic wear; Korto from Arkansas, who brings her African influences into beautifully constructed garments; or Kenley from Brooklyn, the woman everyone loves to hate but can still somehow pull off a cute and wearable dress?

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