Recapping “Top Model” 11.7 “The Fiercee Awards” in three lines or less


Unfortunately, schedule conflicts are preventing Stacie Ponder from recapping the rest of America’s Next Top Model this season.

So I’m going to recap tonight’s episode for you — using only three lines of (fake) dialogue.

First, here’s the official episode description:

Tyra surprises the remaining girls with a one-on-one photo shoot to teach each girl how to find their most flattering pose. Back in the house, some girls question whether or not they have the look and drive to continue in the competition. This week’s photo challenge takes the girls to Los Angeles’ famous Orpheum Theatre, where they show off their best backstage award show snafu pose. The ladies do their best to replicate being caught in the restroom as well as revealing raw emotions during a phony acceptance speech. After the judges deliberate, one girl is sent home.

Now here’s my recap:

MARJORIE: Awkward moments are my specialty!

ELINA: Must. Show. My. Emotions.

SHEENA: In the bottom two with Lauren Brie? Oh for hizzle! I better show my personality next time, yo.

Now it’s your turn — give us your take on the episode, in three lines or less (it’s harder than it looks!).

And with only a handful of models left, let us know who you think will be [cue the fierce music] America’s. Next. Top. Model!

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