TV Alert: Season 2 serves up another slice of “Pushing Daisies”


Pushing Daisies makes me happy — like eating ice cream and petting puppies and spotting rainbows on a sunny day happy. Well, actually, not like ice cream (lactose intolerance), but the other stuff, definitely. I think it makes me so happy because it’s just so sweet. Not sweet in the cup of sugar, glass of Kool-Aid sense. But sweet in the charming, delightful, filled-with-wonder sense.

Season 2 starts tonight on ABC, and I can’t wait watch the continued Technicolor adventures of the pie maker and his back-from-the-dead gal. Not sure what all the fuss is about? Well, do you have five minutes to spare?

Few shows on television elicit the same innocent — dare I say wholesome — joy as Pushing Daisies. Sure, it has murder and mystery, death and décolletage (God bless Olive Snook and her low-cut tops). But it’s the unapologetic sense of whimsy and embrace of the fantastical that keeps me coming back. In short, it’s like nothing else on television.

It helps that the show’s winsome cast members each have the perfect ratio of eye candy to mind candy. British actress Anna Friel as a girl named Chuck and Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth as the lovelorn Olive are ostensibly rivals for pie maker Ned’s (Lee Pace) affections. But they’re both so darn likable it’s hard to root for either one (though I’m a sucker for the underdog and Kristin’s singing).

Heck, the only thing the show is missing is a gay character. But then I guess even the practically perfect need something to strive for, and the show earns bonus points for the copious employment of Kristin’s considerable vocal talents.

So, are you hopelessly devoted, too? Or does your sweet tooth preclude this kind of pie?

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