Quiz: How well do you know “The L Word”?


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. While many of us were disappointed with how The L Word ended, the show has undeniably become a part of the fabric of our lives — and our community — over the last six years.

But how much do you remember of those early days, back when Jenny was still somewhat sane, Alice was still bisexual, and Dana was still alive? Remember the comings and goings of Toxic Tonya, the Soup Chef, and Gabby Devaux? How about the name of Jenny’s book, or how many women Shane has slept with?

I’ve created quizzes for the first and third seasons to go with the Season 2 quiz I created last year to test your knowledge of the show, and to put a little fun back into The L Word. See how well you score!

NOTE: The quiz pulls questions randomly from the pool of questions I’ve created so far, so you can take it more than once and at least some of the questions will be different each time.

Refresh the page if you keep getting the same batch of questions for each quiz.

Let us know which answers stumped you in the comments!

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