“Grey’s Anatomy” Recap: 5.1and 5.2 “Dream a Little Dream of Me”


Once upon a time — In a magical place called Seattle, there was

a petulant, crystal-eyed princess named Meredith who stopped obsessing about

her feelings just long enough to go to medical school, after which, she got

a job in a big hospital, where she met Derek McDreamy, a handsome prince with

a lush mane and an aversion to shaving.

They fell in love and spent the next four years making eyes at each other while

fondling someone’s medulla oblongata.

Meanwhile, the other subjects in the kingdom ruled by the

benevolent and wise Queen

scratched out their existences while bumping into,

sleeping with, competing against, and learning Valuable Life Lessons from each

other and those around them.

One day, a tall, mysterious stranger named Hahn strode through the gates,

bringing nothing with her except a set of Ginsu scalpels, strange talk of something

she called “professionalism,” and a wicked self-possession that made

the other residents tremble with fear.

Not long after Hahn’s arrival, talk of a mythical creature named “Callica”

spread throughout the land.Some believed Callica to be a powerful two-headed

woman one with Goldilocks hair, the other with blinding white

teeth who was equally adept at cardiothoracic and orthopedic


Some wondered if Callica wasn’t an island off the coast of Sappho.

Others scoffed Callica didn’t exist at all and was just a lot of wishful thinking

by those starved for thoughtful lesbian content in mainstream media.

Which brings us to the present day. Welcome to Shondaland.


endings are all alike
Meredith is right where we left her at

the end of last season: standing in the kitchen of her candle-lit House of Commitment

Horrors blue print. She watches as the wax burns out (how long has she been

out there anyway?) and muses about fairy tales and how, if they don’t come true,

what’s the damn use?

Suddenly, she’s in Seattle Grace Hospital, running frantically towards a treatment room. Meredith’s best friend, Dr. Cristina Yang, the head of the hospital — known to all as Chief — and Drs. Mark, “McSteamy” Sloan and Miranda Bailey are all there.Yang

and the Chief hold Meredith back while the steady and constant tone of a monitor

ominously announces that someone’s vitals have ceased being vital.

Meredith looks through the window and sees Dr. Bailey giving CPR to her

prince, who lies on the table, covered in blood. Bailey stops CPR and through

the glass, we read her lips saying, “Time of death…”

Meredith lets out a painful howl. What?Already? This has to be a dream.

Of course, it is. Meredith bolts up from sleep and voice-overs, “The

person who invented ‘happily ever after’ should have his ass kicked so


Personally, I think “happily ever after” was invented by a woman.A

lesbian, no doubt.

A watched website never updates — Some of the gang are hovered

around a computer, staring at the monitor.

Bailey: Back up. You’re sucking

on my oxygen.

Derek: I’m trying to see.

Bailey: It’s not up yet. There’s

nothing to see.

Hahn: It’s supposed to be posted at


McSteamy: [looks at his watch] 4:15.

Cristina: Hit the refresh

button.You have to reload the page.

Cristina reaches over to take control of the mouse. Bailey slaps her hand

away. Careful! Those paws are delicate surgical instruments. Everyone’s on edge,

waiting for the latest episode of Dara

and Karman’s Hit List
to post. That’s right, yo.

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