Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (September 26, 2008)



“Almost everyone who has come out has been happier because of it and in almost every case, it has helped their careers. However the fear is still there — the fear of fans, and of studios. Coming out is easier in the music world and it is generally easier for women than men.”

— Hollywood public relations expert Howard Bragman, commenting to The Washington Post on the Lohan and Clay Aiken news this week


AE reader Johanna tipped us off that 47-year-old openly gay German actress Ulrike Folkerts and artist Katharina Schnitzler have gone public this week with their relationship of five-and-a-half years via an interview with the German magazine Stern.

Folkerts and Schnitzler, who are promoting their new book, Found Happiness, have kept their relationship private up until now because Schnitzler didn’t want to be known primarily as Folkerts’ girlfriend. According to blog post about the news, the two first met at one of Katharina’s art shows; since Katharina did not own a TV at that time, she was unaware of Folkerts’ fame until after they started dating.

Folkerts, left, and Schnitzler

Folkerts, who came out publicly several years ago, is well-known in Germany for playing Lena Odenthal on the German TV show Tatort.

Folkerts in Tatort

The news about their relationship is providing some great lesbian visibility in Germany, but Folkerts tells Stern she doesn’t want to be the perfect lesbian role model anymore, because, “Younger lesbians should do that now.” Unfortunately, as EurOut notes, there aren’t any out high-profile young lesbians in Germany. So who will pick up the mantle now?

I have an idea: What about launching a German reality show called Search for Germany’s Young Lesbian Role Model? Or a German version of America’s Next Top Model… oh wait, it looks like Germany already did that, but the show has yet to yield any openly gay contestants. OK, German readers — time to strike a pose!


“Long gone are the days when kissing a fellow contestant in a limo full of models was considered cool or edgy (three years ago, I kissed fellow contestant Sarah Rhoades in front of the cameras on America’s Next Top Model), or when the statement “Yep, I’m gay” was actually daring — people claimed that would end Ellen DeGeneres’ career, and now she’s one of America’s most beloved talk-show hosts, has a hot wife, and gets all the free episodes of Arrested Development that she wants!”

— MTV VJ and News Correspondent Kim Stolz in a blog post on about Lohan’s comments this week

by Sarah Warn


The New York Times reviews Rachel Maddow‘s new MSBNC show, saying, “Ms. Maddow’s deep, modulated voice is reassuringly calm after so much shrill emotionalism and catfights among the channel’s aging, white male divas.”

True Blood’s lesbian vampire, Pam (Kristin Bauer), makes her first appearance in this Sunday’s episode (“Escape from Dragon House”). According to series creator Alan Ball, “There is a vampiress who works [at the vampire bar Fangtasia in Shreveport] who definitely exudes a certain lesbian energy in a really kind of entertaining and seductive way. Pam is a woman who was made vampire in Victorian England, and she dresses all goth when she’s at work, but when she’s not at work she basically wears Chanel.”

Yo Majesty is streaming their album live on their MySpace page.

She Made Me Watch This! is on hiatus for a few weeks, due to Lori’s travel schedule, and Sarah’s crazy busy workload right now (too many lesbians in the news!)

Starting this week, America’s Next Top Model recaps will be posted on Friday nights/Saturdays, instead of Thursday nights.

Look for Dara Nai’s first Grey’s Anatomy recap on Monday!

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