Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (September 26, 2008)



On an earlier season of Bones, a private investigator hinted at Angela (played by Michaela Conlin) being bisexual with a reference to “a girl named Roxie, whose heart you broke in second-year art school.”

Of course, we took it from there. Roxie? Art school? This didn’t sound simply like a LUG (lesbian until graduation) — Angela must be one of us.

She dated Dr. Jack Hodgins for two seasons, but there were complications, including a secret husband, which led to a busted engagement. (This is one instance where I’d say that being bisexual might actually be less complicated than being completely straight. She’s got men hiding all over the place!)

In July, Sarah reported that there would be an actual Roxie character on the new season of the show. We waited for producers to realize that Emily Deschanel already had a role so they would just have to find someone equally as hot to play the ex-flame.

Entertainment Weekly is now reporting that In Plain Sight‘s Nicole Hiltz will play Roxie.

Executive producer Hart Hanson told E! Online that Hiltz will be on several episodes: “Roxie is not a one-off character. We expect to see her a few more times this season. She is a very real complication for Hodgins and Angela.”

One thing is for sure: Angela once had it bad for the blonde, and if Roxie is anything like Hiltz’s character in The Best Sex Ever, she won’t mind getting, uh, close with a hot female.


Leave it to Miranda July and Carrie Brownstein to find creative ways to fundraise. The multi-talented duo (July is a filmmaker/artist/author and Brownstein was a member of Sleater-Kinney and now contributes to NPR), have released three videos they collaborated on — but there’s a catch. You can’t watch these videos for free: The queer ladies are asking for donations to the Barack Obama campaign fund. For $10 per piece, you can download the women’s sketches, which come with a warning:

Warning: these videos have absolutely nothing to do with Obama &mdash we made them 8 years ago in Portland, Oregon, with the sole purpose of having fun. However, we do believe that young women are more likely to feel creative and liberated with Barack Obama in the white house.

Visit to watch the women in their element. As those who have watched Brownstein in her Thunderant videos with Fred Armisen can attest, she’s hilarious and also very, very attractive.

July/Brownstein in ’08!

— by Trish Bendix

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