Jennifer Aniston is making some more Must-See TV


Jennifer Aniston is returning to Must-See TV this fall — temporarily. On Friday, Aniston’s publicist confirmed that the Friends alum is set to appear on the first or second episode of 30 Rock this season.

“She is shooting now,” her publicist told E!‘s Kristin Dos Santos. “We are not giving any specifics on her character.”

It’s no wonder Aniston chose 30 Rock as the fountain in which to dip her toes back into the sitcom world: Tina Fey‘s comedy racked up a whopping seven guest star Emmy nominations last season, nearly monopolizing the categories for best guest actor and actress.

“They write great parts for all the regulars on the show, and they write great parts for the people who get to come on the show,” Will Arnett told reporters after he was nominated for a 30 Rock guest star Emmy. “When they bring guest characters on to the show, they really try to give them something to do.”

Aniston is not the only former Friend to stop by 30 Rock: David Schwimmer guest starred with Al Gore in last season’s environmental episode. Schwimmer played the role of Greenzo, a costumed environmental superhero gone rogue. It sort of came off like Ross Gellar in a gaudy green cape, though. So, let’s hope Jennifer Aniston can do better.

My favorite guest star last season was Carrie Fisher, who played the role of Liz Lemon’s screenwriting hero.

“I don’t want to sound like a weirdo fan,” Lemon told Fisher, “but I’m obsessed with everything you’ve ever done.” (That’s the exact thing I’d say if I ever met Tina Fey.)

Despite my most ardent support (and $10 per movie), Jennifer Aniston’s roles since Friends haven’t been very memorable. Maybe her appearance on 30 Rock will tempt her to re-enter the comedy world on NBC. Maybe she’ll even team up with Lauren Graham, who has long been rumored to be in talks with NBC about her own comedy. That’s the best fantasy sitcom idea ever!

Will you tune in to see Jen on 30 Rock? Who else would you like to see guest star alongside Tina Fey and the crew this season?

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