Lesbian Scientistics: “Gossip Girl” edition


You know that feeling you get when you’re 10 feet under water and you’re almost out of breath, and you just start stroking and stroking, and kicking and kicking, and the water gets brighter and brighter, and then suddenly you break free into the glorious air, and you can just breathe? Well, good news, ladies: Gossip Girl‘s second season starts Monday. It’s almost time to breathe again.

The internet is fluttering with rumors and speculation about what’s in store for our favorite Upper East Siders in the coming season. Like, what’s happening in this paparazzi-snapped photograph?

I mean, I know what’s happening: Serena and Blair are having a full-on cat fight — but why?

You’ve got queries too, so our team of experts has put the second season of Gossip Girl to the Scientistics test, to answer your most pressing questions.

Our team of experts is here for you, to answer any other questions you may have. (Until Monday, when we’ll be camped in front of our televisions.)



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