Liza Lapira joins “NCIS” full-time


Liza Lapira is an anomaly. Sad, but true. As a Filipino American actress who works in TV, theater and film, Lapira is a woman of color that shows of her triple-threat skills without subjecting herself to crap roles. In the past year, she’s starred in 21 alongside Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth, and had a cameo in Cloverfield. Her reoccurring role on the CBS drama NCIS, though, is probably what most people remember her from.

As Special Agent Michelle Lee, Lapira has made several appearances on the show, yet it was never a permanent gig, until now. She has signed on to play Michelle Lee the entire season, and the plot line will revolve around her being a legal transfer to the unit that was delayed due to an “average” assessment. (We demand a recount!)

Her character is described as being “a strong analytical thinker with extensive knowledge of both domestic and international law.” Maybe she picked some things up while guest starring on similar shows like Law & Order: SVU or The Sopranos. Or maybe she just learned how to gamble on the set of 21. No matter what, she’ll be a great addition to prime time television.

Are you a NCIS fan? Will Liza Lapira make you tune in?

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