“Gossip Girl” readies new season with some newly released photos


StuntDouble here — your inside source to all the scandalous lesbian subtext of Manhattan’s elite.

That was pretty awesome, wasn’t it? For a second there, you totally thought I was Gossip Girl. Alas, I’m not. But I do have the inside track to dozens of publicity stills that The CW released yesterday for the upcoming season of Gossip Girl. Here’s what I can say with absolute certainty about the season 2 premiere, “Summer Kind of Wonderful.”

White is the color of choice in the Hamptons.

Serena’s grandma is back, and she hates Dan Humphrey even more than I do. (Only she hates him because he’s poor, and I hate him because he’s priggish.)

Serena and Blair could conceal dead bodies inside their voluminous handbags. (And probably have done so in the past.)

Ralph Lauren provided the props.

Blair did not get less hot over the summer.

Chuck did not get less smarmy.

Gossip Girl‘s second season begins September 1. (Which is, incidentally, the day the Hogwarts Express leaves from Kings Cross station. If you knew both those things, please marry me.)

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