We’re Getting Nowhere: “The L Word” Season 1, “Losing It”


Hitching is dangerous, kids, so don’t do it. Sure, Jenny Schecter can eat some mushrooms and thumb a (magic carpet) ride, but that doesn’t mean that you should.

In addition to Jenny’s wild ride with her new teen friends, this week we also discuss the fact that Shane still does not look like a boy, that Lisa is still really annoying, and the notion that Tina really needs to work on her communication skills.

Yeah it’s scary when Marcus’s nutty girlfriend, Lei Leng, turns up. But would it kill Tina to learn how to say "help" instead of leaving long, rambling, and vague messages that even Bette would be compelled to delete? We simply don’t think so.

We’re Getting Nowhere: The L Word "Losing It "

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