“So You Think You Can Dance” mini-cap: another night of voting narrows the playing field


It’s the brutal second show of the week where someone has to go home and at this point in the season, how do you choose? Yeah, yeah, Comfort went home once so it’ll probably happen again but after that? It makes me want to close my eyes, like I’m passing an accident site. But I’m going to be adult about this and watch the whole program, just for all of you. Oh, the sacrifices I make.

The opening number is a hip-hop dance with a futuristic vibe. Decked out in black latex accented with strips of various colors, it looks like, um, one of those kind of parties, you know? But hey, it’s edgy and cool. The choreographer is Chuck Maldonado, a hip-hop jazz dancer who’s worked with many including Missy Elliot and Pink. It’s his first time working for the show.

Cat looks like a Greek goddess, with a draped white tunic that’s off one shoulder and a barrette that looks like wings. She flutters about the stage hugging dancers and emanating a golden glow that others merely orbit around.

Before the dancers come out, Lythgoe gives a statement about voting. He says that 97.5 million people voted in the American Idol final and 40 million have voted for So You Think You Can Dance. And he thinks that just maybe a few million people could register to vote and, oh I don’t know, vote for a president? (It’s funny that a Brit has to tell us that but he’s right. It’s easier than ever to register to vote so go do it, OK?)

On to the who-is-in-the-bottom-four drama. After many pauses and much hand wringing, we find out that the four dancers with the least votes were Comfort, Courtney, Twitch and Will. Will?! The anointed one? The Debbie Allen prince? America clearly doesn’t agree with the judges.

Mark is so sure he’s going home that when Deeley announces he’s safe he puts his hands to his face Macauley Culkin-style and says over and over again, “Oh my God.”

When Twitch’s name is announced, he falls to his knees with his back to the audience. Deeley goes to him and murmurs some sweet words until he gets up. His eyes are moist. Deeley hugs him.

Two members of the Los Angeles Ballet dance a beautiful pas de deux. While the guy did a lot of posing and lifting, it was the ballerina who really made the dance graceful and gorgeous. I was embarrassed about the audience, though, who acted like they were seeing a hip-hop routine where they had to cheer at all the more difficult moves. Remind me not to take any of them to the theater.

Each of the bottom four do a solo. It doesn’t have any impact on who goes home, it’s just a way to torture them further. Or, if I’m looking at a glass half-full, a way for them to dance again on national TV in front of a few million people. Yeah, that’s it.

Next, LL Cool J comes out with his buff self and some booty shakin’ dancers and does a song from his new album.

Now, Courtney and Comfort take the stage. Deeley tries to make it dramatic but we all know it’s Comfort. She does, too and takes it well. They show some clips about her time on the show and to their credit, they update it and don’t just run the same one from a couple of weeks ago.

Next, Twitch and Will take the stage. I just know it’s going to be Twitch and he’s one of my favorites. I squeeze my eyes tightly. Deeley somberly announces that it’s Will. Huh? Will? I scream, “I can’t believe it!” as my cats streak to the bedroom and under the bed.

Sweet Mark stays on for at least another week. Maybe his unique solo last night really did save him.

There’s a group hug at the end. Aw.

What do you think will happen next week? Maybe Courtney and Mark will go home but it’s anyone’s game now.

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