“Gossip Girl” ad campaign takes the heat


For a show that reported an entire season’s worth of dismal ratings last year, The CW’s Gossip Girl sure knows how to create a media buzz. In late April, Gossip Girl released a poster featuring Blake Lively‘s, character Serena Van der Woodsen, in the, er, throes of passion. Either that or she was about to let out an astronomical sneeze. The only text on the poster was a simple, but succinct “OMFG.” The Parents Television council was outraged, calling The CW to task for using, “cleavage kissing to hype a kids’ show.”

I love the Gossip Girl marketing team because they never peddle the show as anything other than exactly what it is: a tawdry, teenage soap opera. (Which I watch, diligently.)

To hype season 2, the folks over at The CW released another round of posters similar to the “OMFG” set. There’s a lot of skin, and some simple quoted text. “Every parent’s nightmare,” from The Boston Herald. “A nasty piece of work,” from the The New York Post. And my personal favorite, from The Parents Television Council: “Mind-blowingly inappropriate.”

After giving these ads a hearty round of applause, I got to thinking about other marketing campaigns. What if all network television shows went with this advertising approach, and turned the criticism of The Parents Television Council into their taglines? The results would look like — well, they’d look just like this:

I’d watch everyone of these show, based on these advertisements alone — wouldn’t you?

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