We’re Getting Nowhere: “The L Word” Season 1, “Lies, Lies, Lies”


Just when you thought it was safe to back into The Planet, Marina and Jenny are up to their old tricks, with chemistry so palpable they could set the place on fire (I hope Marina is properly insured).

Their little tryst in the unisex bathroom is just one of several highlights we cover from this week’s episode of The L Word. Others include Tina and Bette getting some Big News (i.e. Tina’s pregnant), the introduction of Lisa, the "lesbian-identified man" (huh?), and Peggy Peabody kicking some CAC ass on behalf of Ms. Porter. Come to think of it, I hope the CAC has fire insurance too, because Peggy Peabody is on fire!.

We also throw in a couple of reenactments, including the sock puppet reunion of Dana and Lara after Dana’s embarrassing bedroom "incident." Luckily, socks are washable.

We’re Getting Nowhere: The L Word "Lies, Lies, Lies"

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