“Army Wives” mini-cap: getting over the Hump


Funny how time flies when you’re building a good bar. And even though Roxie just hired a contractor last week, this week’s episode of Army Wives revolved around the grand opening of the rebuilt Hump Bar.

I’m going to assume that more than a week has gone by in TV time, because I’d be disoriented otherwise. However, Trevor is just now getting in trouble for losing his cool in his TV interview, so we can’t be too far down the road. Why am I trying to be logical? In any case, Michael’s “punishment” for Trevor’s outburst is to take him off the interview circuit. And, when the doctor OKs it, he is to rejoin his unit in Iraq. Trevor is thrilled. Roxie is not. Roxie thinks Trevor is putting his career over family; Trevor thinks she has forgotten that she married a soldier. Hmm, maybe they should have talked a little more during the four days they knew each other before they got married.

Meanwhile, over at the Holden house, another fight is brewing — this one is over whether or not the family should go to the opening of the bar. Michael refuses, since Amanda was killed there. Claudia Joy thinks that they should support Roxie, difficult though it may be. C.J. even helps Roxie by working on the flowers with Denise. Finally, these two are on screen together again. I understand why the writers keep them apart — they have more chemistry than any of the married couples.

For some reason, though, the story seems to be going toward a Denise/Getti affair. How could she possibly go for him after spending time with C.J.? This week, the flirting does not go unnoticed. Roland observes the smiles and glances between the two and, as a cheater, he recognizes the signs. Now that he and Joan have completely ignored his infidelity and are living happily ever after, he’s in the perfect position to provide valuable counsel to Denise. Tell her to have a baby, Roland — it’s working for you, right?

Speaking of the baby, it’s a girl. Joan, whom we could tell was not a dolls and dresses kind of kid, is not too happy about the prospect. Roland, however, goes out and buys a little dress. (For the baby, I mean.) Joan also is miffed because Evil Evan is still maneuvering to get her job. This week he “reminds” her that the army has strict guidelines on pregnant women’s schedules. For once, Roland gives Joan some good advice, suggesting that if Evan wants her to work less, she should comply. The next evening she leaves a pile of paperwork for Evan, due to the general by morning. She’d love to help, but she has to follow Army policy and go home. Heh.

Pamela finally has the beginnings of a decent storyline, as she becomes suspicious of another Delta unit family that seems to be living a bit beyond their means. Although Chase tells Pamela to drop it, she’s not about to. I’d forgotten that she’s an ex-cop. This could be good.

The episode ends at the grand opening of the bar, renamed (thank heaven) Betty’s.

Although C.J. and Emmalin miss the main festivities, they show up afterward, apparently fresh from a Kubrick set.

At last, the two break down in tears, realizing that Amanda always will be with them. As C.J. says, “This is the last place that Amanda was Amanda.” It’s cheesy, sure, but it worked. And it was the perfect reason for a group hug. I had a tear in my eye, mainly because I wished I were in the middle of that hug. Sigh.

Overall, we got a sense of closure from last season in this episode. Next week, Ana Ortiz joins the cast as a server at Betty’s — if nothing else, she should add a laugh or two to a pretty somber season. Bring it on, Hilda.

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