The Osbournes have talent


While other networks continue to beat the corpse of the reality show genre into the ground, Fox has decided to forge ahead by reaching back to a format that was popular in the 1970s. Fox has ordered six episodes of a variety show starring the Osbourne family (dad Ozzy, mom Sharon, daughter Kelly, and son Jack.).

Casting a man known for his incoherent mumbling, sluggishness, and unbridled use of expletives to headline a show whose genre is known for squeaky clean campy entertainment and energetic banter may seem odd to some. How can a guy who mistakenly thought that a live bat was a plastic toy and accidentally bit of its head possibly carry the torch from the likes of Donny and Marie and The Carpenters?

But wait — I recall that a certain variety show featured an incoherent, insane and hirsute rocker and still ended up being wildly successful.

And who said that being articulate was a prerequisite for being cast in such a show?

As for the censorship of the copious expletives bound to come out of Ozzy’s mouth, will anyone notice the difference between “Beep! Beep! Beep!” and “Meep! Meep! Meep!”

Furthermore, we all know that the stars of the show will be Sharon and Kelly. Sharon, despite being bats–t crazy, is spunky and lovable, and Kelly can actually sing. Kelly‘s single “One Word,” which hit #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart, fueled countless dance parties and was blasted from several floats during Gay Pride week in 2005.

Could Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly reinvent the classic variety show format with a modern twist?

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