“So You Think You Can Dance” mini-cap: Comfort stays but Kherington goes


I want you to read the whole recap so I’m not going to spoil things but if I start screaming NOOOOO now, you’ll know what’s up. All right, you’re going to do it anyway so I’ll just start with this — Comfort does NOT go home. That’s right. Throw yourself on the ground and scream ‘cause that’s what I was doing when the news was announced. Really that’s why we watch the show, right? To see who goes home? The rest is just pretty filler. Let me talk about that for a while before we all have to moan about who’s leaving.

The show starts with a lively Bollywood number resplendent with colorful costumes. I love it. Afterwards the dancers run over to the side of the stage and part, allowing the beautiful Cat Deeley to glide in. She announces that three of their regular choreographers — Mandy Moore, Shane Sparks and Wade Robson — have been nominated for Emmys. Also nominated is their make-up team. How awesome is that? I’ve always known that this show has the best dancing on TV and this proves it.

The top five girls angst (I know it’s not a verb, stay with me here) their way choreography by Mia Michaels. They’re dressed like ragged angels and emote all over the place. I like the first part where they’re all seated at the edge of the stage, swaying their upper bodies, but then it digresses into something weird with a lot of rolling about. It doesn’t help that they’re dancing to Celine Dion singing “Ave Maria.” I won’t bore you with my Celine dislike.

The girls line-up afterwards while Deeley does the dirty work of announcing the bottom two and it’s Comfort and Kherington. There’s no surprise with the former and of the latter I think, well, they’ve got to try to create some drama even if there isn’t any. Everyone knows Comfort is going home. Yawn.

After the break Deeley announces that the boys will dance a number created by a mystery choreographer. Um, OK. They do a peppy Broadway number to Joe Jackson’s “Five Guys Named Mo.” It’s cute, especially at the end where a couple of dancers have jumped in the arms of another guy. Who’s the choreographer? None other than the resident guy-with-a-bad-haircut judge Nigel Lythgoe.

Then the guys line up and there’s more drama. The boys in the bottom two slots are Mark and Gev. I can’t say I’m surprised. I love them both but someone’s got to go.

All four bottom dancers do solos if for no other reason than to fill time. Sure, I like watching them but this isn’t part of the competition, it’s just the producer (that would be Lythgoe) scratching his head and thinking, well Fox wants us to fill up a full hour and there’s no special guest so, I know! Let’s make the dancers with the least amount of votes dance again! And let’s ask each judge what they think of each dancer! Yes!

Here comes the part I hate. The two girls stand on stage, Deeley says some nice words, slowly opens her card, and announces that Kherington is going home. WHAT? Not fair, not fair, not fair. (Where’s that chocolate bar? Forget it, give me the whole case.) What are America’s voters thinking? (Kherington, honey, you can play on my soccer team anytime. At least you get to be on the tour. Come here, darlin’ and let me stroke your hair. Oops, I’ve drifted into fantasy. Sorry.)

A similar fate awaits the two boys and it doesn’t take long to find out that Gev is going home. That’s too bad ‘cause I thought his solos were fabulous and for a breaker, he did really well in the other styles.

Next week eight dancers compete. Who do you think is most likely to go home?

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