Feist counts “1,2,3,4” on “Sesame Street”


It’s not surprising that of all the singers to pick from, Feist was chosen to be on Sesame Street to help kick off their 39th season, which premieres August 11th. Her monster hit single “1,2,3,4” has been reworked into “1,2,3,4 Monsters Crawling Across The Floor” in order to help teach the kiddies learn to count to four. I mean, who cares about learning to count from five to infinitive when Feist is singing to you?

So are you ready to see the cutest thing in the world? There is happy music, singing chickens and penguins, so consider yourself warned. You may want to find someone’s cheeks to grab onto because you are going to want to squeeze the heck out of them once you are done watching the video.

Has counting to four ever been so joyful? Watching that makes me want to buy the world a coke, hug each and every one of you and maybe even adopt four dancing penguins. I love counting to four.

Feist will be just one of a large list of celebrities set to appear on Sesame Street’s upcoming season. Other guests will include: Will Arnett, Jessica Alba, David Beckham, Heidi Klum, Brian Williams, Neil Patrick Harris, Sandra Oh, Jack Black, Jenny McCarthy and Cuban ballerinas the Feijoo Sisters.

In addition to having the amazing and adorable Feist upping the cool factor on Sesame Street, the famous children’s show issued a press release saying that this season it will “play on pop culture with all new parodies including: 30 Rocks, Pre-School Musical and Are You Smarter Than an Egg Layer?30 Rocks? If they are going to start spoofing the best shows on television then maybe I should start TiVo’ing this program now so I have it for the day when I decide to have children. When did Sesame Street become so hip and cool?

My only question now after watching Feist count to four is: where was The Count in all this? I would have figured this kind of song would have really wet his numerical palate. I can only image that he stayed out of the project because he felt threatened. He has been counting way past four for years now without drawing the kind of attention, awards and commercial deals that Feist has received. No worries Count, I don’t think Feist is going to be quitting her successful singing day job any time soon.

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