Laila Ali helps improve the “Student Body”


I could care less for The Bachelorette — give me a life challenge, a goal worth working for, and real people sweating it out on national television for their own greater good and I am hooked. As a fan of The Biggest Loser, I had to catch the premiere of Student Body, a show on The N produced by Reville, the same company who puts on the NBC weight loss show, as well as The Office, Ugly Betty and The Tudors.

Student Body is a reality show in the vein of Loser which provides two teams with professional trainers in hopes of helping the contestants improve their health. The difference is, this show’s teams are obese teenagers who are from rival high schools. They are fighting not only for their own fitness, but for the chance to win $25,000 for their schools. And, there will be one overall winner who wins $25,000 for their very own.

Former Dancing with the Stars participant Boxing champ Laila Ali is the host of the show, and she doesn’t put up with any crap from the teens, specifically from one girl named Tana who has an “I don’t care” attitude from the start.

The teams are co-ed, but it seems the boys are a little more motivated so far. A few of the ladies (Rebecca, Tana and Andrea) will need a little more inspiration to get moving. However, the athlete (Haylee) might be one to watch. She has less weight to lose, though, and in other reality competitions, this can sometimes mean the change isn’t significant enough for a “win.” (Ahh, reality television.)

Student Body is just another teen show on The N I’ll be tuning into. Are you into it?

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