The best and worst of television this year


Ah, summer: time for swimming, frolicking, eating ice cream, sitting in a dark room and crying because all the good television shows are on hiatus until fall.

Kidding, of course! Summer is a time of great optimism for television addicts. You can catch up on any shows you missed, because last fall’s shows will be hitting DVD any day now. You can watch the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour, hoping to catch a glimpse of any fall shows that will feature strong, confident, beautiful women in leading rolls. (And maybe if we’re lucky, even some lesbian subtext!) You can even take a look at the Television Critics Association’s Summer poll and set your TiVo (or order your Netflix queue) accordingly.

According to the Television Critics Association’s summer poll, here are the best and worst of shows of 2008:


1) Lost

2) The Wire

3) 30 Rock

4) The Office

5) Friday Night Lights

6) House

7) Battlestar Galactica

8) Breaking Bad

9) John Adams

10) In Treatments

I definitely agree with the first seven. I haven’t seen Breaking Bad or In Treatments. I can say, however, that even as a history nut, watching Laura Linney make out with Paul Giamatti in John Adams is downright yucky.


1) The Moment of Truth

2) The Return of Jezebel James

3) Quarterlife

4) Living Lohan

5) Cashmere Mafia

6) A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila

7) Farmer Wants a Wife

8) According to Jim

9) American Idol

10) Secret Talents of the Stars

I had such high hopes for The Return of Jezebel James, and we all had high hopes for Cashmere Mafia. I don’t know what one hopes for Tila Tequila, but she did bring about the legalization of gay marriage in California, so that’s some consolation for her, I suppose.

How about you: what were your best and worst of 2008? What shows are you most looking forward to in the fall?

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