Brea Grant moves quickly on “Heroes”


As if Heroes wasn’t already one of the most inspired shows on TV: The producers of the hit series have announced that they’re adding the gorgeous Brea Grant to the cast for next season. Grant, who you may recognize from her guest spots on Friday Night Lights and Cold Case, will play a character named Joy whose super power is “uncanny speed.”

Grant’s character will first appear stealing paintings from a museum and getting called out by Hiro. It sounds like she’ll be one of those mysterious types, leaving us all to wonder if she is good or evil.

Alongside Ali Larter’s doppelgänger hero and Hayden Panettiere as a bad ass, indestructible cheerleader, Grant ups the cast’s “pretty” factor a few good notches. They’ll all return (along with the rest of the Heroes cast) on September 22. Can you wait that long?

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