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Have you ever wondered which TV shows came thisclose to getting an Emmy nomination and never did? No? Well regardless, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (aka the people that give out the Emmy awards) are now letting us know who those losers shows will be.

Recently they announced the official Top Ten Finalists for both Outstanding Drama Series as well as Outstanding Comedy Series — with no official mention of the actors or actresses, supporting or otherwise, that may be in contention. Who knew Emmy could be such a tease?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Academy released this information: “In an unprecedented move designed to head off the kind of cyberspace leaks that have played havoc with the nomination process the past two years.”

Really? There has been internet “havoc”? And by “havoc” do they mean public speculation? Forums on discussion? Emmy buzz? I thought these were all good things that would inevitably lead to getting people to actually sit through three hours of Emmy award distribution. Clearly I know nothing about award shows.

Here is a peak at the nominees that may get nominated, or may not get nominated (in case you are a “glass half-empty” kind of person.)

Top 10 Comedy Series Semi-Finalists

Curb Your Enthusiasm


Family Guy

Flight of the Conchords

The Office

Pushing Daisies

30 Rock

Two and a Half Men

Ugly Betty


Out of this list, only five will go on the hopes of becoming America’s Next Top Emmy Finalist — or something like that. If I had to guess who those lucky final five would be, my money would be on 30 Rock (because Tina Fey is amazing and deserves all the Emmy gold they can dish out), The Office, Weeds, Ugly Betty and Two and Half Men (because they always seem to nominate this show. Does anyone out there watch this? Seriously, I’m asking.)

Top 10 Drama Series Semi-Finalists

Boston Legal



Friday Night Lights

Grey’s Anatomy



Mad Men

The Tudors

The Wire

My guesses for this batch would be Damages, Dexter, Mad Men and honestly, I haven’t seen any of these other shows so I won’t even attempt to speculate. (I have never even seen Grey’s Anatomy despite all the juicy lesbian action I’ve been hearing about. I have no excuses. I don’t deserve my DVR).

So what do you think of think of these contenders? Who are your top five faves? And which of your favorite shows didn’t get any Emmy love?

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