Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (July 4, 2008)



Imagine a film where Mary-Louise Parker and Julie Delpy play lovers. Now imagine a film where Mary-Louise Parker and Julie Delpy play lovers in Paris.

Now imagine a film where Mary-Louise Parker and Julie Delpy play lovers in Paris that you wouldn’t have to imagine — because it is actually in the works.

The film Les Passages, from first-time feature writer-director Donna Vermeer, is currently in pre-production. The synopsis, as posted on the movie’s website, says that it follows a New York filmmaker named Catherine as she flees the Big Apple for Paris with her photographer daughter, Claire (not yet cast). There she begins to film an American movie because the City of Light reminds her of the New Jersey suburbs of her youth. I think that’s probably the meanest thing anyone has ever said about Paris. In between filming she meets French actress Anna (Delpy), who winds up playing her mother in her movie. Their encounter “sets her life, and heart, on another course.” Hello, swoon.

Now, filming hasn’t started and this is very much an independent project, so who knows if it will ever really start. But with those stars attached and such potential swoony romanticism ahead, I think we should all use the power of positive thinking and make this dream come true.


We’ve had Nerd Willow, Wicca Willow, Dark Willow and now Naked Willow. Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the ongoing Buffy Season 8 comic book series, announced that everyone’s favorite red-haired lesbian witch is going au naturelle in an upcoming issue.

According to MTV News:

“It’ll be tasteful, unless (artist Karl Moline) does it the way I wrote it,” Whedon laughed. Don’t assume it’s another sex scene with Buffy, but something is about to happen that will rock the Scoobies’ world.”

Naked Willow and the rocking of worlds? This is exactly why I leave small offerings at my Joss Whedon shrine each and every morning. Genius like this must be worshiped and rewarded.


Out lesbian hairstylist Tabatha Coffey‘s new reality show Tabatha’s Salon Takeover opens for business Aug. 21 on Bravo. Coffey originally appeared on last year’s debut season of Bravo reality contest Shear Genius. Her spin-off sounds a bit like the hairstylist’s version of Hell’s Kitchen, with her whipping unsatisfactory salons into shape.

Sharp-tongued, straight-talking Australian native Coffey is known for her acerbic comments and perfect coif. She will tackle salons in the Los Angeles and New York areas, and previews have said she leaves some unsuspecting owners in tears. Wow, a wickedly snarky lesbian with fashion sense and great hair. Take that, flannel and mullets.

by Dorothy Snarker

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