Lesbian Scientistics: Eating away at “The L Word”


In case you haven’t heard, Logo is now airing season 1 of The L Word. During Season 5, OurChart.com had Ilene Chaiken‘s food-themed vlogs, “The Secret Ingredient,” to help us deconstruct the madness analyze the story lines after each episode. We didn’t have that for season one, though, so maybe some of the chaos fell unordered through the cracks.

But fear not, friends, I have stood for you in the crack. I have given order to Season 1. I have done it with food themes, just like Ilene. I present to you Lesbian Scientistics 3.0: The L Word, Season 1.

And how about a little statistics question for you: knowing what she knows now, what kitchen utensil should Dana have attacked Chaiken with in Season 3?

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