Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (June 27, 2008)



AE reader Pixie let us know about the release of The Independent‘s 2008 Pink List — the year’s 100 most influential LGBT people in the U.K. — and there are only 15 women included this year (one less than on the 2007 list). There are no women of color on the list, as far as I can tell (U.K. readers, correct me in the comments if I’m wrong).

The most powerful lesbian in the U.K., according to the list, is TV exec Dawn Airey at No. 5; Diva magazine editor Jane Czyzselska and radio and TV presenter Sue Perkins are among the new people on the list.

Left to right: Dawn Airey, Jane Czyzselska and Sue Perkins

Also on the list? Actresses Fiona Shaw and Saffron Burrows; radio broadcaster Sandi Toksvig; TV presenter Clare Balding; directors Phyllida Lloyd and Deborah Warner; politician Margot James; Shed Productions CEO Eileen Gallagher (look for an interview with her right here on Monday); authors Charlotte Mendelson, Sarah Waters, Stella Duffy and Jeanette Winterson; Treasury minister Angela Eagle; KPMG Director Ashley Steel; and singer Samantha Fox (yes, she of “Naughty Girls Need Love, Too” fame).

This year, they’ve also created shorter lists for “Unsung Heroes” and “Young, Gifted and Gay.” The latter includes Lindsay Lohan‘s “friend” Samantha Ronson, and the former includes snowboarder Jo Chastney (read more about Jo in a 2007 interview with

In her professional profile, Chastney says her goal is “to have fun” and “to help progress womens snowboarding.” But her response to the question, “Where would you most like to see yourself in the future?” is “On the cover of Playboy.”

Huh? Interesting choice for an out lesbian snowboarder (and by “interesting,” I mean “I hope you were kidding when you said that”). Does she understand the clothing requirement for that job would be very different from her current one?

Jo Chastney on the slopes

On the other hand, she’s far less likely to suffer a concussion doing a Playboy photo shoot than jumping miles into the air on a small, flat piece of wood. Probably. (Have you seen some of the contorted positions they put women in for that magazine?)

by Sarah Warn

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