We’re Getting Nowhere: “The L Word” Season 1 Pilot (Part 2)


This week Jill, Dara, and I continue our discussion of the pilot episode of everyone’s favorite lesbian drama, The L Word.

Among our many topics are Marina’s moves (is groping Jenny during their first kiss understandable or amateur?), the temporary insanity displayed by Tina and Bette when picking up a “donor” at one of Bette’s lectures, and the evolution of Shane.

We also reenact Jenny’s walk of shame back to her bed with Tim after getting freaky with Marina.

Jenny (Jill) and Tim (Dara) in the sack

And I’m happy to report that this week marks the return of our beloved sock puppets (thanks again to Dara and Brooke for their arts and crafts skills).

Remember the steamy love scene between Tina and Bette that closed the pilot episode? We revisit it this week, so enjoy the spectacle of hot puppet sex.

We’re Getting Nowhere: The L Word Pilot Episode, Part 2


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