Women we wake up to


I can never decide which woman I want to wake up to in the morning. There are so many choices and to pick just one seems almost unnatural. One day I may want it to be Julie, the next day might be more of an Ann morning, or perhaps I want to be able to go back and forth between Diane and Meredith without having to feel a particular obligation to either one.

If only I could get all these ladies on one network. My morning television anchor women are just too enticing to simply limit myself to only one. And who could blame me when there are so many to choose from? It’s hard enough for deciding which color Converse I want to wear each day, never mind deciding who will deliver me my morning news amidst backdrops of New York tourists waving colorful poster board messages.

Here is a look at the women who make our mornings:

Ann Curry, The Today Show

Ann is why I am late to work in the mornings. That sultry voice that gives me the day’s top headlines captivates me like a cat to one of those laser pointers. I know I am not alone in my love of Curry. Angelina Jolie has made Ann her go-to reporter when it comes to exclusive interviews regarding her humanitarian efforts, Brad Pitt and even her children. (And who are we to question Angelina’s journalistic instincts?)

Ann is the perfect blend of intellect and fun. She can transition from interviewing the president of Sudan one minute to busting a move on Rockefeller Plaza all without losing a drop of journalistic integrity.

Meredith Viera, The Today Show

Meredith’s notoriety came when she served as moderator on The View. It was here that I gained that all important insight on her life that is necessary in trusting a journalist such as: learning that she doesn’t wear underwear (ever) and finding out how many orgasms she is capable of having. It was due to this time we had together that I really got to know who Meredith Viera really is. As a result, I jumped for joy when it was announced that she would he occupying the spot beside Matt Lauer as co-host of The Today Show. Viera is a candid and witty addition to the team; I love seeing her each morning with Matt, Al and Ann. Her personality blends perfectly with her new team of co-hosts.

Robin Roberts, Good Morning America

If I head over to ABC for some morning news coverage, I am greeted by one of the most impressive women in television journalism … no, not Diane Sawyer (though I hear she’s pretty good) but rather, Robin Roberts. Roberts is the other half of the only female co-anchor team on a major network’s morning television show. She filled the large shoes of Good Morning America’s Charlie Gibson after he moved to the evening news.

Roberts rocks on so many levels, where do I even begin? OK let me start by mentioning that this woman is a talented athlete. She played for the Lady Lions basketball team while she attended college at Southeastern Louisiana University. She graduated with 1,000 career points and 1,000 rebounds (translation for the athletically un-inclined: she was really, really good). Her athletic experiences lead her to jobs working at ESPN as well as a broadcaster for WNBA games.

You could also add survivor to the list of “other reasons to be awed by Robin Roberts.” In July of 2007 Roberts was diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer. The news anchor allowed ABC to follow her through her doctor visits and even let them film her as she shaved her head after beginning her chemo treatments. Currently she is in full remission.

Roberts is naturally charismatic and so easy to watch. She has helped pave the way for women journalism and that is reason enough for me to have my coffee with her in the mornings.

Diane Sawyer, Good Morning America

I’ll be honest. Most of what I learned about Diane Sawyer comes from a little movie called Drop Dead Gorgeous. (I know there is a plethora of books and websites on her, but rather than read those I have chosen base my foundation her via this dark comedy.) In the movie Kirsten Dunst plays a Minnesota teenager who is an aspiring TV reporter that enters a beauty pageant in order to follow in the footsteps of her idol Diane Sawyer. Yes, Diane Sawyer: noted television journalist, pageant winner. Which means that if you found yourself waking past Diane Sawyer on the street; it would more than perfectly appropriate to address her by saying “You there! America’s Junior Miss, 1963!” She may even blush and take you home with her and let you touch her tiara.

That trivia aside, the best reason to tune in to Diane Sawyer is because she remains one of the most trusted journalists in television. There are only a small handful of female newswomen that garner the praise and respect that Sawyer has earned.

Julie Chen, The Early Show

Hosting the reality show Big Brother doesn’t exactly earn Chen any journalistic bonus points. Good thing she has a daily gig on CBS’s The Early Show. I always found that when I watched Julie she reminded me of someone, but I just wasn’t sure who for the longest time who. Was it someone from high school? Or maybe someone that works in the same office building I do? And then one dutiful morning I saw Julie Chen lift her eyebrow in a playfully inquisitive way and then the clouds lifted and all became clear to me:

Hannah Storm, SportsCenter

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Reese, you silly blogger, Hannah Storm is not on the Early Show any more.” Excellent observation AfterEllen.com readers! I mention her because she can be a part of your mornings once again come this August when she hosts ESPN’s SportsCenter, morning edition. I always liked Hannah Storm, I remember as a wee little girl watching NBA games and she was the first female reporter I could remember seeing in male dominated sports. And for that accomplishment I will always be a fan of hers.

Perhaps the silver lining to having only Katie Couric to choose from in the evenings is that I don’t have to do battle my remote like I do in the mornings – always going back and forth from each woman like a cheap hussy.

So which morning journalist wakes you up in the morning?

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