Tiffany takes on Trishelle in the ring


If there’s one thing we need, it’s a new reality television show starring “celebrities” (I use the term loosely). However, if it involves body slams and half-nelsons, it might actually be entertaining, especially because they’re asking for it. Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling is a new CMT show and several stars have signed up to be shoved around, none of which strangers to reality TV. The male competitors are Danny Bonaduce, Dennis Rodman, Dustin Diamond, Todd Bridges, and boxer Butterbean. The ladies are:

Trishelle Cannatella

The scandalous sexpot was on The Real World: Las Vegas, and then several other MTV reality competitions. She followed that up with an appearance on on The Surreal Life and, shortly after, appeared (as herself, of course) on Kill Reality, Fear Factor, and Punk’d. Good thing she already knows what it’s like to lose on national television.


The singer is best known for her career as a teen pop star, but she has become a gay icon of sorts in the last decade, performing at Pride festivals. She’s also posed for Playboy and went on Vh1’s Celebrity Fit Club to lose weight publicly. At least we know she’s brave.

Erin Murphy

Murphy played Tabitha on Bewitched so her celebrity stature is debatable, but she has since appeared on the game show Identity and new co-star Danny Bonaduce’s recent project I Know My Kid’s a Star. Having worked with Bonaduce before, she must have some balls.

Nikki Ziering

If she’s not a familiar face, you probably haven’t been reading Playboy or watching The Price is Right in the last decade. If Playboy TV doesn’t count as “reality” TV, then she luckily has some back-up: she was on Celebrity Love Island in the UK in 2005. I wonder how she’ll match up against the other former centerfolds, Tiffany and Trishelle.

Will you tune in to watch the spectacle when it airs this fall?

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