Diablo Cody’s new show picked up by Showtime


Diablo Cody has officially survived the backlash she received after writing last year’s hit comedy Juno. Yes, she’s a former stripper and she has a blog titled “P—y Ranch,” but that doesn’t mean she can’t write hilarious scripts. Not only did the Academy agree, but so does Steven Spielberg, who will be the producer of Cody’s new show on Showtime, The United States of Tara.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that 12 episodes have been greenlight for the show, which will star Toni Collette. She will play “a wife and mother with dissociative identity disorder.”

Collette is a brilliant character actress. She has starred in comedies like Muriel’s Wedding and About a Boy, as well as dramas like The Sixth Sense and The Hours, and those that seem to straddle the line (Little Miss Sunshine). It’s finally time for Collette to be the star, and The United States of Tara could be her platform.

Playing Tara’s husband will be John Corbett, otherwise known as Aidan on Sex and the City (which he will never live down). And if you trust Wikipedia (which, why should you, really?) Corbett will be acting in some extreme circumstances, as he’ll have to adjust to his on-screen wives multiple personalities which Wikipedia says will include, “an aggressive male biker, a promiscuous teenage girl, and a Martha Stewart-like homemaker.”

They’ve only just begun filming the show this spring, but I can’t wait to see Cody’s dialogue in action. I wonder how familiar she is with aggressive male biker speak. Do you think you’ll be tuning in?

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