“Absolutely Fabulous”: hours of bloody fun


Sweetie darlings, you will absolutely love this!

I know it’s not my birthday, but can it be just for today? The ENTIRE series of Absolutely Fabulous is now available on DVD and I think it would make the perfect gift for the AbFab fanatic in your life. (If you don’t happen to have an AbFab fanatic directly in your life then please allow me to step in and fill that roll for you. Please, I insist.) The new limited edition collection called Absolutely Everything is a nine-disc compilation of seasons one through five, plus various special episodes including “The Last Shout,” “The New York Specials” and “White Box” – not to mention tons of bonus footage and outtakes. Bloody brilliant!

I own some of the seasons on DVD already, but I have to say I am a sucker for pretty packaging so reinvesting in the series is definitely worth it. (That stitching alone would make La Croix envious.) The DVD contains over 19 hours of Patsy (Joanna Lumley) and Edina’s (Jennifer Saunders) substance/alcohol abuse and political incorrectness. So if you are ready for a AbFab-a-thon, make yourself a bolly and settle in with you favorite dysfunctional Brits. Cheers!