“Top Chef” Recap: Episode 4.10 “Serve and Protect”


Quickfire: The

salad days of Top Chef.

Elimination: Bad cop, no doughnut.

Padmaism: “Bring salad’s


Another one bites the

dust —
As the chefs prepare for the day’s challenges, Stephanie reflects on

Nikki’s exit.

Stephanie: It’s really

sad to see Nikki go down in flames. You know the stakes are high, and at this

point the chefs lefts are at a really high level.

Everyone is still tired from being up 40-plus hours straight

on the wedding-from-hell catering marathon. The boys’ egos, in particular, are

still bruised. Despite the hug-out, Spike and Dale aren’t going to take

advantage of California’s

newly legalized same-sex marriage anytime soon.

Spike: Dale is a

little bitch. His “I’m not here to make friends” routine, why would

you want to be the outcast and act like an asshole?

Um, takes one to know one?

Dale, in the meantime, doesn’t care that the rest of the

house thinks he is an ass. He is focused on the task at hand. That task is

apparently putting as much hair product on his head as humanly possible.

I swear, now that lesbo-hawk rocking chefbian Jennifer

is out of the competition, the men in the house use more styling products than

the women.

So, who comes along to buck the trend of tiredness and

tension? Oh, come on, you know it’s Andrew.

Andrew: Everyone

in the house is all beat down — except for me who is still all crazy. I woke up

today with a f—ing fire inside my stomach. Like, either I am going to stab

somebody or I’m going to make some amazing food.

Whew. Am I relieved he said “fire” instead of what

else he could have woken up with in the morning. Cough, culinary

boner, cough. Moving on. Quickly.

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