“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.5 “No Pain, No Gain”


Deenie reports that she

is making progress: She’s not drinking two bottles of wine every night and is

down from a full carton of smokes to half a carton per week. She’s giving

“95 percent” to the program; everything has changed for her.

Jesse and his client

Natalie exchange dismissive glances with each other. Natalie mouths “OK”

sarcastically to Jesse. There is something here they’re not showing us.

Jesse asks the therapist

a good question: Where does a personal trainer, who’s not equipped to deal with

addicts and finds the truth hard to come by, draw the line?

Deenie doesn’t appreciate

the addict characterization and delivers the best line ever from a client: “I

do not think I’m addicted to food.” And then she pulls out the old classic:

“I have a thyroid problem.”

Oh, honey. No.

For some reason, Damon

and Micah have anointed themselves the group’s bull crap callers.

Damon: There has not been one time

since I’ve talked to you [when] you’ve been on this [program] that you have not

made an excuse … it’s somebody else’s fault, or that …

Deenie: Really?

Damon: Yeah, I don’t hear you take

full responsibility for anything in your life. You say that you’re not an

addict. We all are. We’re fat; we’re here.

Deenie: What else do you want me to

be doing? I’m here.

Micah jumps in and yells:

“Every day, it’s been [the] eye-roll. Will you please just shut the f—

up and just f—ing do it … if it’s not the ankle, it’s the this or the that …”

The room goes dead silent

as Micah’s accusations bloom into a full-blown rant. Finally he screams,

“You’re killing us!”

Deenie jumps up and

storms out in a huff. OK, then. Who’s ready for some dessert?

Gregg goes outside to

talk to his client because he can’t kick her when she’s down. With a few magic

“it’s your journey” words, Gregg gets Deenie to go back inside for more

bitch-slapping from the boys, but tempers have cooled down.

Damon apologizes for

blowing his top, but it’s only because he cares. Jackie, the ringleader, says

even though Deenie is the Queen of Excuses, it’s time for compassion. Her words

soothe over the wounds of the group like a Warner balm of quiet calm.

Jackie: I was surprised — I think it

was very enlightening — I think they’ve had it with each other a little bit.

Gee, after recapping this

show for three years, I have no idea what that

feels like.

Jackie thanks everyone

for their honesty and for sharing. They all applaud the therapist, who has

fallen asleep in her chair.

It’s such a fine line

between cathartic and exhausting.

Next week on Work Out: The

trainers go on a wild party rampage. Plitt follows Rebecca’s advice. You know

things are bad when Jackie is the one who has to tell everyone to grow up.

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