“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.5 “No Pain, No Gain”


On the other end of the

motivation spectrum, Deenie plops down in the wet sand and starts bawling like

a baby. There, there. It’s so not your fault. It’s Gregg’s fault for not

visiting you at home or calling to say hi.

Unlike Deenie, the others

soldier on, even though none of them want to be there either. Tyra wears her

game face all the way through the ordeal.

Someone’s earned the

right to a heaping plate of egg whites and cantaloupe. Work it, girl.

Deenie has said, “It’s

my life, it’s my journey,”

and that journey is going to be traveled in a motorized scooter chair someday. But

hey, some of them come with mag wheels, so as long as she’s the center of attention, it’s all


Everything’s better when wet — After their morning in hell, the clients are allowed to

return to the hotel to pass out. The trainers, who did minimal work down on the

beach, wander off to do their own thing. Rebecca uses the time to tell Plitt someone

has a crush on him. But she has to hurry, because she has cheerleading

practice, right after geometry.

Greg: I got an idea who it is.

Rebecca: You do?

Greg: Renessa.

Rebecca: You’re very perceptive. Any


Greg: [very long pause] Um. [another

telling pause] All right, here it is.

Rebecca: OK, give it to me.

Greg: Black and white, it has to do

with, like, a previous relationship that I just got out of. I might not be

ready to jump back into something.

Rebecca: You still have to have sex,

for God sakes.

Rebecca lets Greg know

that Renessa is wide open for business, because what are girlfriends for? Greg

has zero interest in Renessa and politely chuckles-slash-heaves.

Just then, the rest of

the trainers jump into the pool and play a game of chicken. Jesse’s

nape enjoys the sensation of both man parts and lady parts.

The last time Jesse had a

va-jay-jay so close to his face, he was about to go down on a guy he met named Max.

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