“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.5 “No Pain, No Gain”


Before they go down to

the beach, Deenie smokes her breakfast in front of Gregg and Renessa, savoring

each belligerent drag and exhaling right in Renessa’s face.

Smoking is a form of

controlled breathing. It’s just like yoga, really.

You will respect my authority — Down at the bottom of a rocky

bluff, Jackie runs the group through some exercises while the trainers stand

behind their respective clients, watching like prison guards.

When Jackie leads the

group down the shoreline for a run, Deenie meanders after them with no

intention of even attempting a mildly brisk walk. Jesse and the others watch in


Jesse: What is she doing? Gregg, go

push her.

Gregg: There’s nothing I can do,


As the group loops back

to the starting point, Jackie runs up to Deenie, who hasn’t walked more than 20

yards. Deenie claims her doctor told her not to do things like walk. She is,

however, allowed to smoke, be a drama princess, and appear on a TV show.

Jackie grabs her problem

child by the arm.

Deenie: [whining] It f—ing hurts.

Jackie: [sternly] OK, come on. It

hurts a lot more to be obese your entire life, honey. Trust me.

Jackie is more P.O.’d than

she’s ever been in all three seasons of dealing with Peeler. As the other trainers

watch with shock and awe, Deenie ignores Jackie’s instructions to get on her mat

and instead gets a sip of water.

Jackie gets dissed, and

we all know how much she loves that. Apparently, Deenie’s death wish extends

beyond dying at 52 from heart disease.

Before the morning is

over, Shannon has puked (again) in the sand

but gets right back into the game, earning Jackie’s respect and admiration. Jackie

loves the smell of regurgitated salmon in the morning. It smells like victory.

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