“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.5 “No Pain, No Gain”


As Jackie and Jesse laugh

at each other’s cracks about cold sores and hetero lip chemical burns, Renessa sits

down next to Rebecca. In between chewing gum smacks and chomps, Renessa tells

Rebecca about her new crush on Plitt. Rebecca digs in with two spoons.

Renessa: I don’t think he likes me,


Rebecca: Well, I can assure you …

Renessa: That’s the worst part of


Rebecca: … I’m going to find out for

you. Oh girl, you just opened up a can of worms.

Ugh, boy gossip. I was

going to say I was happy to see Rebecca, but I changed my mind. If they start

braiding each other’s hair, I’m out of here.

Dolphin BayThe Work Out gang finally arrives at

the resort late in the evening, where they are greeted by the nice lady

manager. After her warm welcome, everyone goes to their room to change and

reconvene downstairs. Out on the patio, Jackie says the purpose of this dinner

is to show everyone how to eat in the real world, and she introduces Chef Evan

and his big ol’ neck.

Fat chefs. The poster children

for healthy eating.

After the group enjoys

some nummy salmon and veggies, and J.D. gets to know his new client, Shannon,

Jackie tells the clients to skedaddle so she can have a meeting with her staff.

I thought eating right before bed was a no-no. Eh, what do I know?

Jackie tells the trainers

they have a full day tomorrow. First, she wants them to wake their clients at

5:00 a.m. for a beach boot camp. She warns them it’s going to be ugly, and she

doesn’t mean Deenie’s hat.

Jackie: There are going to be a lot of

tears, I can tell you right now. There’s going to be a lot of complaining, a

lot of victim stuff going on, and fighting you and me.

And that’s just among the


Jackie: One thing I’ve noticed about

this group is they’re full of excuses. They’re great people, but they are

victims. So, this weekend, I want to wipe that right out. That’s our job.

Good luck with that,


Wakey, wakey — The next morning, it’s cold, foggy and raw; a

perfect day to sleep in for a workout on the beach. The trainers find

their clients’ rooms and start pounding on the doors. Gregg, who arrived

sometime during the night, is there to give Deenie her wake-up call. Victoria,

a dance instructor being trained by Plitt who doesn’t get nearly enough airtime,

makes her feelings about the pre-dawn boot camp pretty clear.

Justifiable homicide

would not be out of the question right about now.

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