“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.5 “No Pain, No Gain”


Now it’s time for some

fun: The kids get to Boogie board. Tyra is afraid of the water, but unlike

Deenie and her boo-hoo ways, she’s up for anything and has a blast with the

whole experience, including getting sand in those hard to reach areas.

After everyone’s lips

have turned blue, Jackie pulls them out of the water and rewards the group with

the announcement that they’re all going to the Dolphin Bay Hotel, a luxe resort

and spa in Northern California. Someone call

ahead and warn the staff, please.

Consorting with the enemy — After her day at the beach, Paisley enjoys a massage from J.D. and they chat about

nothing interesting. More importantly, Brian is over at Plitt’s house,

rehashing his hate/hate relationship with Jackie.

On last week’s recap, there

were oodles of comments and processing

about whether Brian Peeler is a homophobe or not. In my humble opinion, he is

not a homophobe. Homophobes don’t cry real tears when

a gay friend dies. Homophobes don’t have

any gay friends. Actually, they probably do, they just don’t know it.

Brian tells Plitt all he

wanted was to have Jackie apologize to his client. Instead, Jackie fired Brian

for pestering her about it — that and a hundred other things she couldn’t stand

about him anymore. In the final analysis, it’s her gym and she can hire and

fire at will.

To read letters of

apology from both Jackie and Lisa, go to their show blogs.

Well, at least one of them apologized.

Anywho, moving on. Renessa,

Brian’s friend from before the show, stops by to give Brian a hug and take

advantage of Greg’s grill.

Brian: All I wanted her to do was

“woman up” and apologize. Swallow your pride and say, “Yes, you

know what? I did mess up. Yeah, I will call her and apologize.” That’s all

I wanted.

Renessa: Did she?

Brian: No.

Renessa: Did she ever talk to her?

Brian: No.

Renessa: Is she going to?

Brian: No.

Plitt is the new guy and

doesn’t understand the Warner/Peeler animosity. Renessa says she heard Brian was

banned from the building, but Brian isn’t worried. “I’m looking into do my

own gym now,” he says boldly. Brian Peeler’s Sports Gym closes at sundown.

To get there, take a left into the park; it’s last parking lot on the right, next

to the swing sets.

Renessa tells Brian that

Jackie said she was afraid of him. “I would never hit a woman,” he

says simply. Dr. Plitt offers his diagnosis: Jackie is insecure and needs to

put others down, which provides her with some fleeting satisfaction, but does

not address her underlying discomfort with herself.

Renessa has slowly become

smitten with Greg and now hangs on his every word. She tells him he should have

his own show. Oh yeah, let’s do that


The whole lot of them are

riding the crazy train: The trainers are the passengers, Lisa’s collecting

tickets and Jackie’s in the front, driving the whole thing off a cliff. Everyone


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