“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.4 “Hit the Wall”


Briana, you’re a fine girl — The Olivia Cruise featuring the Sky

Sport ladies is back from a week at sea. Renessa got her swerve on, Rebecca and

the boss got in a smack-down, Erika got an intervention, and Agostina got a tan.

Guess who had the best week.

The trainers’ illustrious

leader, Jackie, is sick of all of them and is happy to be back on dry land with

Briana; her life, her love

and her lady
are definitely not

the sea.

Briana: Did you have fun?

Jackie: Uh, no.

Briana: OK …

Jackie: I had it kinda up to here

with the trainers.

Briana: Why?

Jackie: Just … you know what? I’m

not used to being in such small quarters with them. I can take them in doses,

but to have to force socializing morning, noon and night, dinner after bad

dinner, I got to the point where I was just like, “Oh please God,

transport me outta here on a beam.” And I missed you.

Meanwhile, all around

town, the same conversation is taking place at Erika, Rebecca, Renessa and

Agostina’s houses. Over at the home of the woman who was thrusting

Rebecca like a porn star, someone has some ‘splaining to do.

Briana asks Jackie if

anyone hooked up with anyone. Jackie pauses for a small eternity while she considers

replying, “Define ‘anyone.'”

Briana asks point-blank

if anything interesting happened with Rebecca.

Jackie: She was a little, uh … we … we …

there was a lot of tension between us.

Briana: Examples?

Jackie: She doesn’t really have

fully appropriate boundaries yet.

Well, that’s a bit like

the pot calling the kettle inappropriate, isn’t it? Jackie’s answer is suspiciously

vague, but it’s clear that Jabecca playtime is over. Jackie’s finding Rebecca’s

needy charms more annoying than alluring these days.

Wise beyond her years,

Briana tells Jackie to “take responsibility” for the situation. Finally.

Someone who’s in a relationship with Jackie Warner has some common sense.

Jackie assures her she

has nothing to worry about and furthermore, the next time she has to go away on

business, Briana is coming with her. So, no hard feelings, Briana. You missed

the free lesbian cruise to Mexico,

but the next time Jackie has to appear at a mall opening in Nebraska, you are so there.

Drop and give her 20 — Back at SkyLab, this year’s group of

chublicious folks are mingling about, waiting for Jackie to begin leading them

in yet another grueling boot camp. While they wait, Deenie shows everyone a

nasty bruise on her cankle.

I think I see the Virgin


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