“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.2 “SkyLab 2.0”


What’s in your fridge? — While the girls roll their way to San Diego, Jesse pays his

client, Natalie, a home visit to do a spot inspection of her kitchen. Inside

her fridge, he finds Sunfare food, the

meal program all the SkyLabbers have been given this season. However, he also finds

ice cream, chips and chocolate muffins.

Jesse grabs a garbage bag,

and as Natalie bids farewell to her Ruffles, I weep softly into my bowl of Häagen-Dazs.

Don’t they know there are people starving in the parking lot at Krispy Kreme?

Natalie tells Jesse she’s

gained and lost 80 pounds at least five times in her life, and now the weight

thing is ruining her marriage. Dr. Jesse tells her she’s not healthy because “what’s

missing inside is you,” and Natalie bursts into tears.

Jesse cheers her up by

reminding her he’s going to kick her ass. I want Natalie to get so smoking hot

she leaves her dopey husband.

Please do not remove protective panel — The Work Out Express makes a pit stop at a swimsuit store so Rebecca

can buy a new piece of dental floss.

Not to be outdone, Sky

Sport’s rookie tramp, Renessa, demonstrates where the expression “put your

ass in a sling” came from.

Everything breaks down

like a shotgun when Rebecca starts climbing on Erika like a lemur.

Erika gushes: “Rebecca’s

really cute. The girl has no inhibitions. It’s nice to see someone who’s so

free with themselves and so secure.”

And so brave. After

trying on everything in the store without their panties on, the girls are soon

on their merry way, with new bikinis and dressing room yeast infections.