We’re Getting Nowhere: “The L Word” Trivia Episode


Since the end of the fifth season of The L Word, Jill, Dara and I have hardly known what to do with ourselves. No sock puppets, no unnecessary close-ups, no purpose. We’re looking forward to covering the first season of the show when it’s aired on Logo this summer, but in the meantime we decided to amuse ourselves (and hopefully you) with a friendly game of L Word Trivia.

Do you remember who played Alice’s mother on the show? How about the name of the art exhibition that got Bette into so much trouble with the conservatives? Neither did we, but we had fun guessing! So grab a pen and paper and play along with us — unlike Dara and I, if you outplay Jill, she can’t rough you up.

Also, we mention in the vlog that we’re planning another AfterEllen.com meet and greet in New York on May 18, hosted by Sarah and Lori and with us WGN‘ers and Bridget McManus (Brunch with Bridget) in attendance. Initially, we thought Dara wouldn’t be able to join us for this little outing, but it turns out that she can and we’re thrilled. So you can just ignore the guilt trip we laid on her in the vlog, because it worked! (Look for details on the exact time and location of the event in our BLWE column in the next few weeks.)

We’re Getting Nowhere: The L Word Trivia Episode

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