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Just in time for the weekend, the fine folks at Gay List Daily alerted us to a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon: The Minisode Network.

Minisodes, as you probably deduced from the promo screen, are abbreviated episodes of some of the best cheesy shows ever. And the site is more than entertaining — it’s enlightening. Say, for example, that you’re in deep meditation and you have a vision of angels.

Soon, that lofty vision devolves into thoughts of angels in chains, and you wish you could remember more about that “Angels in Chains” episode of Charlie’s Angels. So, you click over to the Minisode Network, and there it is: In six minutes, you see Kelly, Sabrina and Jill get hosed down, meet a very young Kim Basinger and bounce through a meadow in chains. Life is good.

From Crackle: Angels In Chains

“How long has it been since you’ve been sprayed?” Way too long, Kelly. Way too long.

Or perhaps you’re tempted by the evils of non-medical marijuana, and you need the strength to resist. The Minisode Network has a compilation of Very Special Episodes from Different Strokes, Charlie’s Angels, Police Woman and the Facts of Life to scare you, um, straight. Remember this pre-Jo episode, “Dope?”

From Crackle: Facts of Life: Dope

No matter how hot Helen Hunt grew up to be, don’t believe her when she says that pot makes you more creative, OK? Just say nope to dope. I mean it. And don’t be reading subtext into Facts of Life, either. Straight Butch Jo and Straight Femme Blair are BFFs, nothing more. The “Four Musketeers” episode is not about a lovers’ quarrel and nearly breaking up. Not. At. All.

From Crackle: Four Musketeers

Next season on The L Word: Turkish paint wrestling.

Other fine Minisodes include the Pamela Anderson tour de force, V.I.P., the epic adventures of Sheena, and the show that inspired me to go into advertising:

Browse through the Minisode Network and let me know what you think. What are your favorite minisodes? What shows or episodes would you like to see? And would somebody please create a show starring Amanda Bearse?

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