You Can’t Take Them Anywhere! Dinah 2008


For our latest YCTTA adventure, Bridget and I traveled to Palm Springs for that legendary event known as The Dinah. It’s where lesbians from all over gather together to dance in their swimsuits, wait in line for drink tickets, and avoid their exes.

In addition to that kind of fun, quite a few celezbians were participating in the fashion show, performing music and comedy, and touting their wares. We talked to a number of them on the red carpet Friday night before the fire marshal shut us down for causing a mob scene. (Yeah, we’re pretty proud of that one. No, they did not hose us down, much to Bridget’s dismay.)

Among them were Dani Campbell (A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila), who told us about her new fashion line, and Kate McKinnon of The Big Gay Sketch Show, who confessed her obsession with the Food Network. Jenny Shimizu (Dante’s Cove) showed up in colorful attire, reminding us that we were not as cool as her because we actually followed directions and wore white to the white party. (Just kidding! We didn’t need to be reminded that we’re not as cool as Jenny. We already knew.)

So put on your best white outfit, sit back, and hear what the celesbians have to say about Dinah…

You Can’t Take Them Anywhere! The Dinah

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