Thank God it’s Thursday!


The Writers Guild strike ended in mid-February, but original episodes of my favorite series have mostly been off the air since early January. That’s why I am super excited about tonight, when two of my favorite comedies are coming back with new episodes: 30 Rock and The Office. Can I just say: Woo-freaking-hoo!

And I don’t think we’ll be disappointed. 30 Rock‘s return episode is titled "MILF Island" (reason enough to tune in, IMO). Here’s the episode summary from NBC:

The TGS staff has been obsessing all season over the new reality hit MILF Island. While watching the riveting finale, pitting Debra vs. Deborah as the final two MILFs, Jack (Baldwin) who is riding high on this programming feat is blindsided by a blind item that ran in the New York Post. The “Page Six” column reveals a staffer referring to Jack as a “Class A Moron” and saying, “That guy can eat my poo.” This isn’t the best timing since Jack is in the running for Chairman and had high hopes that the success of MILF Island would help him seal the deal. In an effort to identify the disloyal employee he forces Jonathan (Maulik Pancholy) to turn up the heat in the writers’ room until one of them breaks.

Here are a couple more photos from tonight’s episode:

Tonight’s episode of The Office is titled "The Dinner Party."

Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim (John Krasinski) find they have run out of excuses and are forced to go to Jan (Melora Hardin)and Michael’s (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) house for dinner. When Andy (Ed Helms) and Angela

(Angela Kinsey) are also invited to dinner, Dwight’s (Rainn Wilson) jealousy gets the best of him.

And a couple of photos:

Nothing lasts forever, of course; there will only be five new episodes of 30 Rock and six of The Office before they go on hiatus for the summer. But I’m planning to enjoy every minute of the new episodes while they’re new. Are you looking forward to it as much as I am?

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