SHE MADE ME WATCH THIS! March 24, 2008


As promised, Lori and I are finally back on the interweb with a new episode of She Made Me Watch This!

This week, we talk about that ridiculous lesbian kiss in the Lipstick Jungle season finale; the new Judy Greer comedy Miss Guided; Marlee Matlin and Kristi Yamaguchi on Dancing with the Stars; the status of the queer women currently on Survivor and Top Chef; and the tragedy that was Marvita‘s haircut on America’s Next Top Model (A mullet, Tyra? Really?)

We also wander off-topic to discuss how Lori spent her time in Alaska; why the apartment is completely re-arranged every time I come home from work these days; and how I supposedly don’t treat my iPods very well (is it my fault they don’t like being dropped?). There’s also a near-miss with one of the bunnies that gives Lori a mild heart attack on-camera. Good times!

She Made Me Watch This! March 24, 2008

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One apology: Because we had to marathon the last few episodes of Lipstick Jungle in order to talk about it for the vlog, we didn’t get started on filming this until late in the evening, and by the time we got to a decent take, we were more than a little sleepy (I think it was around 2am). So we’re sorry if our energy was a little low on this one — we’re definitely going to start earlier next time!

Speaking of next time — if there’s interest, we thought we’d add a segment at the end of SMMWT! answering reader questions related to TV and movies (so, not questions about in general or personal advice questions, more like “when is X show coming out on DVD?” and “why did they cancel [fill in the blank], or “What do you think of the show Y?”). So if you have any questions like that, please feel free to leave them in the comments and we’ll try to answer them in the next episode or two.

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