Leighton Meester: from “I’m gay” to “Gossip Girl”


Anyone (if there is anyone)

who has been following my blog regularly over the past few weeks might

have noticed that there have been, well, rather a lot of references

to the totally trashy teen soap Gossip Girl.

Now, I will readily admit that

a large part of my interest in this show comes from the relationship

between the main two female characters, Blair Waldorf and Serena van

der Woodsen (played respectively by Leighton Meester and Blake

, pictured below in a shoot for this month’s issue of


But even if it wasn’t for

all the chemistry between Blair and Serena, there’s a reason I might

still be watching. Sarah and Lori may have declared themselves

in favor of Blake,

but for me it’s all about the lovely Leighton (who, although she plays

a teen on the show, fortunately turns 22 in April):

Not only do I love her character’s

preppie style

but I also think the actress herself is terrifically pretty.

What I didn’t realize until

recently was that I had actually seen her before Gossip Girl,

on a gay-themed episode of the sitcom 8 Simple Rules

that first aired on March 4, 2005. In the episode, titled “The After

Party,” Meester plays Nikki, a girl of questionable reputation

who agrees to go to the school prom with Rory, the son of the show’s

main family. At the same time, Rory’s serious-minded sister, Kerry,

has decided to take a girl to the prom even though she is not a lesbian,

in order to make a statement about equality and fairness. Seeing Kerry

and her date at the prom and mistaking them for a real couple, Nikki

is moved to realize something about her own sexuality. Here’s a compilation of Nikki’s scenes from the episode:



Well, OK: it’s just a guest

appearance, and it’s just a silly sitcom, but still … cool, huh?

Now if anyone finds a clip of my old teen idols Claire Danes

or Katie Holmes playing gay, feel

free to send it my way!

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