We’re Getting Nowhere: “The L Word” 5.10


This week, episode 10 of The L Word qualified as A Very Special Episode for several reasons: 1.) Memories of the dearly departed Dana were evoked when the girls rode for her in the Pink Ride 2.) Alice and Tasha decided to shack up 3.) Bette and Tina got themselves busted for their illicit affair (with a nice assist from Alice) 4.) Molly took a sexual plunge with Shane and 5.) Jenny and Niki got kinky with some sex toys and made a steamy “home movie.”

The only down side is that afterwards I had this little jingle rolling through my head afterwards: “Strap-on, strap-off. Strap-on, strap-off, the strapper!” Is it weird that watching Jenny and Niki’s sex antics this week made me think of the theme song for the indispensable sound activated electrical gadget known as The Clapper? Yeah, I guess it is.

Anyway, while our comedy sharp-shooter Dara is still MIA, we are joined on the enchanted sofa this week by Emmy award-winning writer Liz Feldman (Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show). Liz was a good sport who was all too willing to participate in an endless “athletic” montage and an ill-advised round of the party game “I Never” like the ones we saw on Episode 10 of The L Word. Unlike in The L Word, however, our episode of WGN didn’t end in tears or a sex scandal in the making. (At least I hope it didn’t!)

We’re Getting Nowhere: The L Word Episode 5.10

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