Lost in the eyes of Elizabeth Mitchell


If you’re anything like me,

this post will take you a while to read. It certainly took a while to

write. Blame it on the eyes of Elizabeth Mitchell.

Good god, how hot can one person


I doubt that Mitchell needs

an introduction to this audience. I mean, she got to make love with

Angelina Jolie
in Gia.

She also played the sultry shrink who escorted Dr. Kerry Weaver out

of the closet on ER.

Kim and Kerry

And now she plays the enigmatic

Dr. Juliet Burke on Lost.

Juliet joined Lost

last season as one of the Others, and we’re still not certain whether

to trust her or not. But we certainly enjoy watching Elizabeth Mitchell

play her.

This week, Lost finally

gave us a Juliet-centric episode. Leading up to it, Mitchell let us

in on her thoughts on Juliet via a few interviews. One, with Kristin at E! Online, is slightly spoilerish, so read it here when you’re ready. Here’s a nice teaser

of the episode — if you watch it with the volume off, you can create

your own Very Special Episode.



Mitchell told the Associated

that she

has one rule of thumb in playing Juliet: Don’t act angry.

“She needed to be someone

who could be a tremendous leader, who had an innate sense of power,

but didn’t behave in an angry or strident way. She needed to have a

sense of toughness, but in the way the audience couldn’t quite grasp.”

Personally, I’d love to grasp

her. But I digress.

Mitchell thinks growing up in Texas had a lot to do with her ability to

play the character that way.

“On the outside, Texas

women are incredibly gracious. But you don’t want to be iced by a Texas


As a Texas woman, I can tell

you that she’s right. Don’t mess with Texas women.

Playing Juliet has been a thrill ride for Mitchell, who’s been acting since

age seven, when she played Alice in a Dallas Theater Center production

of Alice Through the Looking Glass.

“Last year was one of

the more thrilling, exciting years of my life. Because here was this

show that I really, really like and here was this character that I’m

completely captivated by. And it just keeps getting better and better.

Every episode of the show gets richer.”

Of course, on a show like

, even a main character like Juliet has no guarantee that she’ll

live to see another episode. But Mitchell is philosophical about the possibilities.

“Lost, like life itself,

is completely open-ended. I don’t know how my life is going to end.

And Juliet has no idea how hers is going to end either.”

I thought my own life might

end — quite happily — when I watched this behind-the-scenes video of

Mitchell and co-star Naveen Andrews at the TV Guide cover shoot.

I just plain forgot to breathe.



But you know, seeing that kind

of beauty and allure makes me want to live a long, long time. And I

don’t mind spending some of it basking in the eyes of Elizabeth Mitchell.

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