Let’s fill Eliza Dushku’s “Dollhouse”


Who wants to play house — Dollhouse, that is? The ambitious new Joss

/Eliza Dushku sci-fi series is currently casting its

principal characters.

Eliza plays Echo, one of the living

“Dolls,” a group of men and women who can be imprinted with personality

packages — from past memories to physical abilities and language

skills — for different assignments. After each assignment, their memories

are erased, and they all live together in a dorm/lab dubbed the Dollhouse. The show will follow Echo’s

burgeoning self-awareness and how it affects everyone around her.


let’s populate the Dollhouse. The character descriptions came out

earlier this week, and I say we help Joss & Co. expedite the casting

process. I say we dream big, because if Bionic Woman has taught us anything, it’s how

bad casting can cripple a promising premise (though, to be fair, there

is plenty of blame to go around there, including the entire writing staff).

Let’s take a look at the

new dolls (focusing on the females, cause that’s just how we roll

at AfterEllen.com):

Adelle DeWitt:

40-something, any ethnicity, beautiful, sophisticated, cold as an alp.

Runs the Dollhouse with an efficiency that is both ruthless and protective.

Would die before she showed anyone how lonely she is. (Series regular.)

Dream Cast:

Angela Bassett
. Look, I know Angela turns 50 later this year, but

she can pull off 40-something better than most 40-somethings. Plus, what

I wouldn’t give to see her be sophisticated, ruthless and protective

on a regular basis, preferably in a sleeveless shirt to show off those



<! — break — >

Sierra: 20-something, Asian or any ethnicity — certainly not Caucasian.

Strikingly beautiful. A Doll like Echo, she has every personality in

the world but her own. Is not as self-aware as Echo, but is instinctively

drawn to her as a friend. (Series regular.)

Dream Cast:

Tila Tequila. I kid, I kid! No, seriously, how about Devon Aoki?

The D.E.B.S. and Sin City

star already knows how to be lethal on screen, so what’s a couple

more personalities thrown into the mix?

November: In her 20s, any ethnicity, beautiful and heavy. Another

Doll, a hopeful child in the house and everyone else you need her to

be outside. A comforting, radiant presence, who tends to get fewer of

the criminal gigs and more of the personal ones. (Recurring.)

Dream Cast:

Nikki Blonsky
. The Hairspray star is certainly a radiant presence.

If any of the assignments require singing or dancing or romancing

Zac Efron
, she is all over it.

Dr. Claire Saunders: 30-60, attractive, smart and a little sad.

Looks after the physical well-being of the dolls. Has an acid wit. (Recurring.)

Dream Cast:

Joan Allen. My first inclination was Helen Mirren, but even

I think The Queen is dreaming too big. Joan has proven herself

as having all four key attributes — attractive, smart, sad and witty — time

and time again. And she already has plenty of natural Bourne

experience with secret agents and uncovering lost memories.

The show will start production

next month and should be ready for next fall’s TV season. For the

full cast description list, including all the fellas, click here. So, what do you think of these picks?

Who would you cast?

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